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Citation From the November 9, 2023, edition of Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.

DONALD TRUMP JR. (HOST): She’s a bulldog, man, I will say that. She gets after it. I’d love to see her as press secretary just to watch D.C. just explode. There’s a couple of people that you could put in positions like that, you know. We talk about, like, you know, Mike Davis as attorney general, one of those guys. You almost have to just put them in as interim even, just to send that shot across the bow of the swamp, you know? Like — you want to play? 


You want to play? And then you can get someone, you know, the guys that wouldn’t get affirmed or otherwise. But let like Mike Davis, you know, Kash Patel be like interim AGs. Put Laura Loomer as press secretary for just a couple of days, just to, you know — these losers in the mainstream [media], they’ll figure out exactly how easy their job is, you know, before that, so that’d be pretty funny.