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Citation From the May 17, 2023, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on Rumble

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Alright. Glad to be with you exclusively here on Rumble. First, I would ask that if you have any children in the room — this is a strong PG-13, we always say that, but I highly recommend that they leave for the next five minutes, as I have some choice words.

But notice the change in in demeanor from the last few times we've been suspended and potentially permabanned from YouTube. Yes, yesterday, we all here received five strikes. Yes, five strikes across my two YouTube channels within five minutes.

Now for some reason, the channels have not been removed. We're still waiting on some answers from the world's most powerful media platform in existence, Alphabet, Google, YouTube. I'm sure they'll get right on that. And I ask right now, by the way, before I fill you in a little bit, that you share this on all social platforms just so you can help get the word out that for at least the next two weeks, you will be able to exclusively watch on Rumble here live and nowhere else to watch the live show. We won't be on YouTube for at least two weeks. Remains to be seen how long.

Now, let me be clear, most of this seems to have centered around the fact that my friend, Alex Jones, fill-in hosted for me on Monday. And it's no secret that all of Big Tech, including — including Twitter — in a concerted effort, deplatformed Alex Jones years ago, completely. And at that point in time, a lot of people simply — they just abandoned him. Some of those people were his lifelong friends. We here said no. Now even though — truth be told Alex Jones and I were not close friends, to be clear, at that point in time. We were acquaintances. We actually became closer friends as a result of us, me, here hosting him immediately upon his deplatforming, despite our differences in our opinions. And that's important. That's important because Alex Jones, as much as I disagree with him sometimes, is a friend. He's an actual god-honest friend.

And despite what recent coordinated series of hit pieces may try and tell you, we here at Mug Club, we don't abandon our friends. So on behalf of Alex Jones: YouTube, fuck you. Mug Club. And by the way, on behalf of my many friends who work in this office, some of whom I've known for — gosh, been friends with for over two decades, many of whom a decade or more — hey, YouTube, fuck you. Mug Club.

Now, this is not the first time, to be clear, this has happened, and it will not be the last. We may have some major announcements in the coming week, but right now it's important that we try and get the answers that are possible and that we aim once and aim right. You heard me sounding the alarm on this for years. More specifically, with greater intensity at the end of last year, and there's a reason for that, OK? There's a reason for this. We saw this coming. This very company and program has been the subject of a series of entirely coordinated, dishonest, and by the way, ongoing hit pieces from leftist journalists, their Big Tech platform overlords, and conservatives who would love to see nothing more than their competitors eliminated, all at the cost of our movement and our country.

But I want to be clear about something here. We here know exactly why it's happening. It's why we said it would be happening. We know exactly who is behind it, and I give you my word, I know how it ends. I know exactly how it ends. And outside of the court of public opinion, there's some very important upcoming court dates, legal motions, discoveries, processes on a litany of issues that right now means I can't discuss any further. I will, but not today. Today is not that day. Why? Because I know how this ends.

But right now here, look. Let me tell you how this doesn't end, OK? This doesn't end with a whimper. It doesn't end with our decision to remain silent. It does not end with us cowering, pacifying, kowtowing, and it certainly doesn't end with us here, Mug Club, being intimidated into abandoning our friends. I don't care how many hit pieces you run on however many blogs you have or newspapers or press releases. I don't care if you're a tabloid journalist with a Substack, the New York Post or the devil himself. We don't abandon our friends. We don't abandon you, our viewer, our listener, someone I consider my friend.

Didn't do it when [Bryan] Callen faced his controversy and adversity, never did it when Nick Di Paolo faced controversies throughout his entire career, never did it when Alex Jones faced the onslaught of attacks and deplatforming, and I'm not going to do it now. We are not going to be doing that now. Because this certainly doesn't end with us stopping. Let me be clear. We're happy to be here. We aren't stopping now. We aren't stopping before the next election season. We aren't stopping if there's a boycott. We aren't stopping if there's a behind the scenes shakedown, or if an army of buzzcutted lesbian chain-gangers and blue-haired, barely passable transexuals come battering down the door, because that's what you better send — an army. Guess what? We have one here, right here, right now. It's you. The army is Mug Club, and I'm hoping that it just got that much larger. You do what you want to do. You are an army.

You are an army that — you've not only made this corner of the Internet free from 15 minutes of corporate live reads, but you are an army that has made this nook, this piece of digital land, our home, boycott-proof, cancel-proof, and most importantly censor-proof. And when Mug Club goes away, then I'll go away. I want to be clear about that. I've said that for a while. Only when Mug Club goes away will I, will we go away. Because nothing is over, certainly not a less-relevant platform than ever, YouTube, trying to take us out. I don't care how many allies they have. It's not over, nothing is over until Mug Cub says it's over, until you say it's over, you are the ones who decide when it's all over. Not some pedophile sympathizer in Silicon Valley. Even if ze is just a patsy for the higher-ups. More announcements to come.