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Citation From the May 9, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): It seems incredibly obvious to me that false accusers, those who are proven to be false accusers -- if it's proven, as it seems to have been in this case with evidence -- they should face the same penalty that we would give to rapists. And, by the way, I think that actually guilty and convicted rapists should go to prison for life. I'd be in favor of life sentences, at a minimum, for actual rapists. And I would be in favor of life sentences for those who falsely accuse someone of rape because to falsely accuse someone of rape is just as bad as being a rapist. There is no moral distinction between the two.

Because after all, if this girl had her way, Azaira -- Araiza, rather, would not only be fired from his job and have his reputation permanently ruined, which is a terrible fate on its own. Okay? When we talk about someone's reputation, we say, ruins your reputation, we're not just talking about, like, they're embarrassed by something or something embarrassing happens. This is your whole life. This is your name. This is who you are. It's been dragged through the mud. This is, like, every person you encounter for the rest of your life. You've got this scarlet letter that you're wearing around on your chest.

But it's not just that -- if she had her way, he would also be in prison. He'd be locked behind bars as a rapist and suffering all of the consequences that come with being a rapist in prison. You could easily make the case that false accusations are a form of attempted murder. You're trying to take a man's life away from him. And if you can't take his life, you'll take everything he values in his life -- his job, his livelihood, his friendships, his relationships, his reputation, his name.

And the fact that this is often done by women who are simply embarrassed because they behaved whorishly only makes it worse. Now, we can't know the -- the actual motivations of any specific person who makes false accusations. But -- because we can't see inside their minds, in their souls. But it seems that often, you know, this is the motivation. Embarrassed because of the way that you behaved, because you behave shamelessly, shamefully and shamelessly, and so, you're trying to, you know, to recover your ego and your own reputation by destroying somebody else. It can also be motivated by vengeance, you know, need for revenge, some kind of sick power play.

But really casually destroying someone's entire life because you're embarrassed, it's psychotically evil. And like so much other evil in our society, it goes unpunished most of the time. Because we are not a society that values truth. We don't appreciate the real cost of a lie. And we're also beholden to the left's victimhood hierarchy. Matt Araiza as a white male football player simply didn't have enough victim points, or any at all really, to have his side of the story taken seriously.