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Citation From the May 15, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): How many times have a quoted you as saying, "We live in a post-constitutional America." If this is not a post-constitutional America I don't know what is? 

MARK LEVIN (GUEST): You're a hundred percent correct. You know, Sean, the Republican Party needs to understand something as do the American people. This massive federal edifice that's been built in Washington, D.C. works for the Democrat Party. It's an appendage of the Democrat Party.

When we have Republican presidents, they sabotage the Republicans, they'll investigate, they'll leak against them. When we have Democrat presidents, you don't see that kind of behavior. In fact, they enlist the massive bureaucracy to issue regulations and rules and to sic their political opponents. This report, right here, the Durham report, is actually very very important because it gives the official seal to what is the American Stasi. 


Donald Trump is a victim, and he is the greatest political victim in American history. 


The Republicans on Capitol Hill need to understand, this administration, this FBI, this Department of Justice is targeting them. And they're not going to submit themselves to oversight. 

So, what do they do? Well they can litigate it but they need to do everything they can to slash the FBI's budget. It's too big. It's a massive police state operation. It's like the Stasi. They're into everything and anything they want to be. 


Why do you think they want to hire 87,000 IRS agents? For good government? No, to unleash them on the rest of us! This is the problem that we have right now in this country. And when it comes to the FBI, the FBI is no good. It's gone rogue. It won't even submit to oversight. 


HANNITY: Not only were they not held accountable for 2016, then the FBI pre-bunking what they knew was a very real Hunter Biden laptop in 2020. Then the CIA, the dirty 51 as Miranda calls them, we had active employed CIA agents recruiting former Intel officials. When are they going to be held accountable? Isn't that putting cinder blocks on the scales of the election of the country?

LEVIN:  They're never going to be held accountable because the only entity that can prosecute them is the one participating in it and they're interfering with the 2024 election today  with the special counsel in Washington, D.C., with these phony criminal investigations. They're interfering with the election again today, the President Biden, it'shis FBI, it's his attorney general, it's his DA's, they're interfering with the election -- the third election in a row. There's no question about it.