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Citation From the May 15, 2023, edition of Fox News' Fox News Tonight 

SEAN DAVIS (GUEST): But you raise a really good question. Will people see this? And I worry that, for many people, they won't because the news media, the corporate media, seems to believe that their job is to cover stories with a pillow until they stop breathing, a line taken from my friend Iowa Hawk. And if you made me put an over/under on the amount of time that the news networks are going to give this tonight I would set it at zero and I would take the under unfortunately. 


WILL CAIN (HOST): It's a hoax in which, not just was it perpetuated by the media and the DNC, but the FBI. 

DAVIS: You nailed it, and that's the worst thing here. You kind of expect a political campaign to do dirty tricks. You kind of expect, anymore, the corrupt media to pull dirty tricks. You don't expect it from your government. And what happened here was our own government, our own federal law enforcement agency, perpetrated a hoax directed at conning and gas lighting the American people. 

And I think the most important thing you can gather from this report is that the FBI's a domestic terror organization. They use their power, they use their influence to try and lie, try to gas light the American people to try and rig an election. And I have a hard time looking at this and coming to any other conclusion than that the FBI had to be defunded.

Because his wasn't one or two rogue agents, this happened from the very top. This was directed from the very top all the way down and it was a lie and a coup against our government, against our democracy, a term Democrats love to use, perpetrated by our own government.