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Citation From the February 3, 2023, edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Michael Steele, this is another stupid extension of a culture war where he’s trying to create a culture war around something where there is not a war. I said it before on this show, over 80% of Americans do not believe that males who transition post-puberty should participate against young women in high school sports. The international — the international sports — this is almost a universal standard here. Ron DeSantis and Republicans are trying to make this the ultimate culture war battle. It’s just not. It’s such — again, 0.003% of the population. You take student athletes that transition, it is even less than that. So now, they’re going to make Florida girls report on their menstrual cycles as part of this cultural — you talk about overkill. It’s insanity.