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Citation From the April 24, 2023, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda 

DICK MORRIS (GUEST): The obvious fact is that Newsmax has won. Has won. Newsmax is now the sole conservative voice in media. And Fox News can talk about that, but by firing Carlson, they have decidedly moved to the left and to the center, and why they're doing that I don't know but clearly now Newsmax is the voice of the right. I think their ratings are going to increase dramatically. I think people that used to watch Fox are gonna flock to Newsmax. The other big winner here is Donald Trump. Because Newsmax covers all of Trump's rallies. Fox News did not cover any of them because Murdoch hates Trump because when Trump was president , and Murdoch was the media boss , the company didn't let him run the company. Didn't let him call the shots.

BOB SELLERS (CO-HOST): So you don't consider Fox conservative anymore.

MORRIS: I think they're doing their best not to be. I think they're kicking and clawing and screaming to move to the left.