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Citation From the April 25, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Wake Up America

JOHN BURNETT (GUEST): Over the last several years, Fox has actually trended more to the center, right? And some people would argue center-left, center-right -- 

ROB FINNERTY (CO-HOST): And the young Murdochs want that? Lachlan? Kids want that.

BURNETT: Exactly. So you when follow their strategy of pivoting, right? Getting rid of Tucker, getting rid of Dan Bongino and others is actually moving toward that center. Why? Because they think their growth strategy is taking more viewers away from CNN and MSNBC. So that's good for Newsmax. Why? Because they'll be disenfranchised viewers, Fox viewers, coming to Newsmax, right? So that move actually helps Newsmax and the people that should be concerned is CNN and MSNBC just from a pure strategy, strategic perspective.