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Citation From the January 24, 2023 edition of The Ben Shapiro Show, hosted by The Daily Wire

BEN SHAPIRO (THE DAILY WIRE): Other facts to consider here: it is very odd how many top level Democrats, how many Hollywood folks, how many people who are sort of the elites in "blue society" have trans, quote unquote children? Very odd, isn't it? We have reached, it seems, a genetic bottleneck that only affects specific groups of children in specific parent groups. It's very odd. It must just be a weird evolutionary quirk. It must be that suddenly, Darwin has reached its apotheosis like, I don't know how this happened. For nearly all of human history, people who suffered from gender dysphoria were a percentage of a percentage. A tiny, tiny percentage of the population suffered from gender dysphoria.

Now, you've got a vast bevy of kids who are suffering from gender dysphoria, or who are claiming that they are a member of the opposite sex, but only in very specific areas, only in our nation's top colleges, only if they are the kids of top Democratic legislators, or if they're the kids of Hollywood moms and dads. Very strange, wouldn't you say? Very—it does raise some serious parenting questions, like maybe you're doing a bad job. Maybe overall, you're not talking about just a weird confluence of events. Maybe it is that you're doing an insufficient job of teaching your kids the things they need to know.

Again, not every kid is going to—is going to fall close to the tree. Not every apple falls close to the tree. But when you are teaching your kids that climate change is going to kill everyone and then your kid has nightmares. And when you are teaching your kids that boys can be girls and then your boy says that he is a girl. I gotta say it feels like A and B are connected just a little bit.