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Citation From the February 10, 2023 edition of The Ben Shapiro Show, hosted by The Daily Wire

BEN SHAPIRO (THE DAILY WIRE): Consequences over the next few years are going to become very, very clear. We've already seen skyrocketing rates of mental illness, we have extraordinarily, socially contagious rates of trans and queer identification, that has nothing to do with biology, that has everything to do with social contagion, and everyone knows it. But if you say that publicly, people get very, very angry at you, and the cult demands that you then be punished for your great sins, and this is why I don't think Joe Biden is gonna be able to escape all this stuff.

And Joe Biden is gonna want to talk about the John Edwards "2 Americas" stuff in 2024, I don't think he's gonna be able to. I think he's gonna be on a debate stage, and somebody is going to ask him, "Do you believe that boys can become girls?" And he's gonna have to answer "yes." Somebody's gonna ask him "how many genders are there?" and he's going to have to answer "infinite," because otherwise his own base will go after him. And then they'll say that it's unsympathetic, or cruel to children, to not allow them to mutilate their bodies, or for society not to go along with their delusions and instead to either watchfully wait, or to try to inform them more properly, which is what any normal society would do, that, in fact, your mental condition, the solution to that is not to chop body parts off or mutilate your body. But Joe Biden will be forced to answer those sorts of questions.