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Citation From the February 15, 2023, edition of the Daily Wire's Crain & Co.   

ANONYMOUS CALLER: And I just wanted to say too as a, as a new father, I've got a new baby boy and I've got a two year old daughter, and not only would I want to beat somebody up for doing that to my daughter, but I would beat my son up if he ever thought about doing something like that in a women's locker room.

JAKE CRAIN (CO-HOST) It's just, again, and I want to make sure, again, we live in the real world, we know what's gonna happen. Because we're not even advocating violence, like I said, we're telling you what's gonna happen. The fathers and the brothers and the uncles and the mamas are, it's gonna get to a point where they're just gonna handle business, like that, it just is what it is, so we're trying to tell y’all. This isn’t a threat, this is, it's just a forewarning. It's foreshadowing what's gonna happen.