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Citation From the December 5, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

BRYAN SHARPE (GUEST): Hey, thank you, man. Let's start right here. There's no such thing as hate speech. Full stop. There is no such thing as hate speech. Speech needs somebody to interpret it. Therefore, hate speech is subjective. Cannon Hotep spoke about this on his feed today. And really, what it takes is, on one side, somebody says one thing. Somebody dislikes it. But there's probably a group of people on the other side who agree with it. 

So let's look — let's look at Ye last week, and his comments. Ye, if you watch the beginning of the series with you, and then you watch the end of that broadcast, you see two different people. What happened when Ye went to other platforms? They were cutting them off, they were silencing, they were disagreeing with them, but they weren't allowing him to get what he wanted off of his chest. What you often find is if you give people room to breathe, give people room to vent, what happens? They start to capitulate. They start to even out. They start to be a little bit kinder. And we saw that with Ye, where he's, you know, he basically was spreading a message of love by the end of that interview. This is what happens when you let people speak and you find out that it's not hate speech. It's actually venting. 

Really, what we're dealing with is there seems to be some arbiter — some people call it the government, some people call it deep state; whatever you wanna call it, I don't know. I don't — I don't live on that level of this building. But there's some arbiter, and this arbiter is the one who's defining what hate speech is. Hate speech does not need — I mean, speech does not need an arbiter. When we talk about the First Amendment, the First Amendment was absolute, and it was created to protect so-called hate speech. If we didn't have the ability to vent our gripes with groups of individuals, nobody would know it. So, for example, we talk about white nationalists or so-called hate groups. What happens when you don't allow them space to vent? Well, they go into hiding, and that's the last thing you want somebody who has vitriol to do is to go into hiding someplace where you can't see them. Now they start plotting, and then you have terrorist events, etc, etc. However, if you said, listen, we hear you. You have some certain gripes towards certain people, why don't we give you a platform to express those gripes? And then we open up conversation.

I was surprised to see so many people who claimed free speech all of a sudden weren't for free speech. Now, before we dive down that rabbit hole, the First Amendment was supposed to protect us from the government. The government is supposed to say, you have the right to speak. But you know what? Today, government’s not the problem. We are. You are. I am. Well, definitely not me, because I'm a free speech absolutionist. But, when people speak, we're ready to respond with vitriol. We're ready to condemn. We don't listen anymore. When I see people get on the internet, and they spread their opinions, whether I agree with them or not, it doesn't affect my life. It doesn't take food out of my children's mouth. It doesn't affect me. So I say, “Oh, well, that's that person's opinion.” Why do I need to express my opinion on somebody else's opinion? That's what I want to know. Why is it when Ye speaks, everybody has to pick up their phone and say something? Do you realize that he would be impotent if nobody reacted? This is the lesson he's trying to teach you. He's like, you guys can't help but to react.

ALEX JONES (HOST): So what do you think his main goal was, coming here and doing what he did?

SHARPE: He wants people to look in the mirror and see how hypocritical they truly are. You are a hypocrite. He wants people to see that, on one hand, right, what happened? “Oh, I wore the White Lives Matter shirt,” and everybody said, “Oh, Ye, we love it. Let him speak.” And then he said something about another group of people, and all of a sudden, we have to cancel him. This is hypocritical. This is bigotry. And he wants to point that out. He wants to point out how easily people are disturbed. I think his real goal is to filter out who's with him and who's not. He went to the White Lives Matter side, filtered a lot of people out. Then he went this alternate route, filtered even more people out. He's trying to see who's really real, who stands on their own ideologies, morals, the things that they say.