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Citation From the September 29, 2022, edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

NEIL CAVUTO (ANCHOR): I want to echo again, there is no evidence. There was no evidence. There has been no evidence that gouging was going on of the oil companies, or the gas giants, were colluding to rig prices or all of a sudden take advantage of a bad situation by doing this sort of thing. So my point in raising this with John Kirby had nothing to do with that, I might point out. Why wag your finger and start accusing something and someone for an event that hasn't even happened? Gas stations throughout much of the state were running out of gas. Having nothing to do with people getting gouged, but a mad run on gas to get out of town. So to prematurely then make the argument that they were caballing in some sort of way, pardon that slang, when there's no evidence of it, and there's never been evidence of those charges in the past.

And this has been looked at over the last 40 years, independent commissions, [Justice Department] studies, Interior Department studies that have never once, ever once said this has happened. But they keep trotting it out. And it makes you wonder. They must know the facts, right?