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Citation From the August 17, 2022, edition of Premiere's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): It's been a consistent theme tonight, so I thought I'd bring it up again. They create the chaos. They create the violence, the anarchy, the horrible things – and then they come to you and say, Don't you hate this? Don't you want things to calm down? Don't you want things to end? They do it all the time.

Here's another example. I'm going to play for you a little piece of audio. You're going to be horrified. It's not only a hospital putting out this audio, It's a Boston hospital, It's a children's hospital. This is Boston Children's Hospital.


SPEAKER: A child will often know that they are transgender from the moment that they have any ability to express themselves. And parents will often tell us this. We have parents who tell us that their kids, they knew from the minute they were born practically. And actions like refusing to get a haircut or standing to urinate or trying to stand to urinate, refusing to stand to urinate, trying on siblings clothing, playing with the, quote, opposite gender.


KELLY: Yeah, you get the idea. I'm not going to give her the entire platform. You get the idea. Okay, so we're dealing with a demon, a child-abusing demon who thinks because a little boy picks up a Barbie doll, he's now somebody who should be groomed into eventually cutting his penis off. Okay, that's – that's evil incarnate. That's Sodom and Gomorrah. Evil incarnate.

What's the headline? Boston Children's Hospital Warns Employees Over Far-Right Online Harassment Campaign. In its most recent series of attempts to target hospitals for their work with trans youth, adding to an ongoing wave of anti-LGBTQ sentiment that has hit libraries, schools, and trans-inclusive Los Angeles spas.

Why won't you just let them medically mutilate children? Don't you want things to calm down? What are you, some kind of extremist? Why won't – why won't you let them take a 15-year-old girl in, put her on puberty blockers, and eventually put her under anesthesia and cut her breasts off? What are you, some kind of radical – that you want that stopped? You're always the extremist, you're always radical. You're always the one responsible for harassment.

Meanwhile, the demons who are after our children – well, that's just science, right? They're just out there following the science; out there being an ally; out there just doing medicine, baby, just doing the doctor's work. But you – you're crazy.

US Air Force Base Hosts. Kid Friendly Drag Show. Over and over and over again I could read you these stories. Over and over and over again I could play things for you.

Listen to this person, and you're the extremist?


SPEAKER: I'm a clinical psychologist by training. And I am the director of the Yale Gender Program, which is an interdisciplinary program working with gender expansive individuals, 3 to 25 in their families.


SPEAKER: We help individuals who are questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender or non-binary. We help them with their gender journey, thinking through that, through the risks and the benefits of medical intervention, starting medical intervention, and also building supports around them. And I love what I do. So it's really, really wonderful to be working in this field and to be working with individuals who are gender diverse and gaining their support and helping them on their gender journeys.


KELLY: That demon works with children as young as three years old. Just helping them on their gender journey.

But if you get mad about that, you're the extremist. You see what they do. Hey, stop being so extreme. Let us attack your kids. Don't you want things to calm down? Why aren't you letting us attack your kids? This is what they do over and over and over again.