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Citation From the August 9, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

WILL CAIN (FOX NEWS HOST): To them, it's comedy. To Americans, a banana republic. Declassified documents of course prove that the FBI knew the Clinton campaign invented many of the Russian collusion allegations that were the pretext for the entire probe. James Comey went ahead with that comedy, with that banana republic action anyway.

That's because what we've had for years is an FBI that is interested in really one mission, and that is eliminating rivals of the uni-party and permanent Washington. As with the Bolsheviks, they used pretexts to get what they want. Last night's raid of the former president's home had nothing to do with the retention of classified materials. You can handle missing records with a subpoena. You don't come kicking the doors in and blow opening safes. And that is why the feds never raided the home of Sandy Berger, who literally shoved classified documents in his socks. Or Hillary Clinton's home, or David Petraeus, who shared military intel with his lover. No raid. The Wall Street Journal by the way is now reporting the feds claim this raid had something to do with cocktail napkins and notes from Kim Jong-un. Right.

Everyone knows what this is really about. Finding something, anything, they can use to keep Donald Trump from running for president.