Sean Hannity: A DOJ subpoena would have been the "rightful, constitutional, legal way" to obtain documents from Trump

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Citation From the August 10, 2022, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And you know, if you read that Newsweek article, I referred to it earlier today and they go into all of this detail how they really were trying very hard, you know, to go in and not make this look like a big deal. And they, you know, literally – they said the FBI decision makers in Miami and Washington thought denying the former president a phot-op, meaning they did it when he wasn't there or platform for him to grandstand, which they're trying to stop and thwart, would lower the profile of the event. They weren't trying to lower the profile. They went in with their lights flashing, guns drawn, and it was obvious what was going on.


HANNITY: The lawyers wanted to go in with them. The lawyers wanted more access to the actual warrant. Well, you know, all they needed to do was issue a simple subpoena, and that would have mandated that if there's anything left, you turn it over.


LYDIA MCLAUGHLIN (PRODUCER): But isn't it the legal process that they should have subpoenaed what they wanted. And then if there was obstruction of that –

HANNITY: Yes, that would have been the rightful, constitutional, legal way to do it.

MCLAUGHLIN: And that didn't happen because you know it's the Trump treatment, and they don't care.