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Citation From the August 11, 2022, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): So we have a little bit of news about the possibility of an informant on the inside. Maybe that's true, maybe that's the case. But it's Thursday. Now we're three full days on and not a peep from our government. Should we accept that?

BYRON YORK (FOX CONTRIBUTOR AND WASHINGTON EXAMINER): No. The most incredible thing about this event, which we should remind everybody, was totally unprecedented, never happened before in U.S. history, is that we just don't know what happened. As Phil Keating was saying, it appeared that things were going rather smoothly between the Justice Department and the Trump Organization, the Trump Organization had cooperated. There was this visit by the Justice Department to Mar-a-Lago on June the 3rd. A request that the Trump people put a bigger lock on the door, which they did. There was a subpoena for video, which Trump provided. And then boom there is this raid. No subpoena for the documents. They didn't use any less intrusive method to get the documents and, bang, there's 30 FBI Agents at Mar-a-Lago. We don't know why that happened.

DANA PERINO (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): Well, one of the possibilities is this idea of an informant. And I think that will also fuel a lot of speculation and suspicion because is that somebody who was willingly an informant or under – I'm going to say coercion but facing some other sort of trouble so then asked to be an FBI informant? Byron, this could spiral if there is no further explanation from the FBI.

BYRON YORK: Absolutely. In the absence of actual information, all sorts of speculation arises and there has been all sorts of crazy speculation about what might be going on here. But if there was an informant, you have to wonder well, why is the person informing? Is there another investigation going on that they are involved with? Indeed there has been a lot of speculation. We know the Justice Department is looking into the former president in the January 6th investigation. Are these two things somehow connected? Again, we don't know.

BILL HEMMER: Newsweek came out with a piece yesterday afternoon. Have you seen that, Byron? It's– I would consider it probably the most extensive reporting on the story, if it all is the case. It leaves you with the impression that the FBI wanted to be in Florida when Trump wasn't there and they thought they could carry out this act in a more subtle way. Or, at least that's the impression the piece gives you. I think, at the very end of the article it talks about FBI Director Christopher Wray and the person they talked to, an anonymous official, says it really is a case of the Bureau misreading the impact. I think as we sit here today that's pretty accurate.

BYRON YORK: You know, I had to laugh when I read that piece. The idea that the FBI thought they could raid Mar-a-Lago in a nice, quiet, non-political sort of way and it wouldn't become controversial? I mean, that's nuts. That's simply not going to happen.

But the biggest question here is still there seems to be a disparity between the aggressiveness of the method used, that is a raid on Mar-a-Lago, and the underlying issue, which is a dispute over document handling. I mean, did that really justify this raid, or is there something else going on?

And we really need to see a number of documents. We need to see the search warrant, which President Trump could release if he wanted. But we also need to see the underlying documents that explain why the warrant was granted and that's something the Justice Department has kept secret.