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Citation From the May 28, 2022, edition of The KGB Show

GABE VICTAL (HOST): Welcome back agents, this is the KKGB show.



VICTAL: I'm Gabe. 

BLAKE KRESSES (HOST): And I'm Blake. And before we get started everybody please like, comment, subscribe, hit that bell follow us on Instagram and join our Patreon where for only $8 a month, you will receive early access to our content. We got a lot of good stuff to talk about today. And we're joined once again by our favorite good friend, Kai Schwemmer, Kai Klips. Welcome back buddy.

SCHWEMMER: What's up guys? 

KRESSES: We missed you pal. How's Utah? How was being s being a Mormon like Glenn Beck?

SCHWEMMER: It's pretty good. And I did like the Glenn Beck, Twitter clapback to Elijah Schaffer. I messaged Elijah about that but then I think that was before the Glenn Beck tweet. And so he replied afterwards.

KRESSES: Well if you're not familiar with Kai Klips. Go watch our first video. He's a former TikToker and now it just lifts on TikTok and he's got a stream over on Go check him out over there.