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Citation From the June 24, 2022 edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): One of the things that has been argued about in recent weeks since the leak, has been about what this really means for women and their abilities to get abortions should they still want them, and how this doesn't necessarily wipe it all away all across the land. Can you get into that? 

CARRIE SEVERINO (PRESIDENT OF THE JUDICIAL CRISIS NETWORK): Yeah, that's a misconception that a lot of people have and that unfortunately has been advanced by democratic politicians who are saying, they aren't even stopping at saying you're gonna have outlawed abortion across the country, they're gonna say everyone is gonna outlaw contraception, and all - no, there is -- I think there are zero states that are chomping at the bit to outlaw contraception right. And, as I said, it's gonna be a different regime in a lot of different places, so. If you're in California, if you're in New York, you're gonna probably if anything have more access to abortion now than before this decision because the states are pushing their laws in the other direction as, you were speaking earlier about there are companies trying to subsidize abortion and only abortion in these situations as well.


SEVERINO: I think you're going to see a wide range.