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Citation From the June 8, 2022 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

OWEN SHROYER (INFOWARS HOST): What kind of hell...what kind of satanic hell are we in and how do we get out of it? I can't watch it anymore guys, please, I can't do it anymore, that's fine, thank you. That's what I'm saying is like, I've only done this for almost 7 years now, Alex has been doing it for more than 20. It's not that I'm at my wit's end because I like hosting a talk show and communicating to you, but I mean this is just ridiculous at this point. We let adults turn kids into strippers for their own entertainment and for their own pleasure, and we call it liberal and we call it pride and somehow that's okay? But if we can't stop that kind of pedophile activity of course we're not going to close the border. Are you kidding me? We can't even stop pedophiles getting access to kids and calling it pride, calling it liberal. Oh but I'm sure we'll stop the southern border, I'm sure we'll have justice in this country. I'm sure that's how it'll go down. No, we are getting seriously judged right now and y'know, I love life but boy oh boy if god just decided to wipe us all out right now wouldn't you understand why? Wouldn't you probably even agree? We're murdering babies by the millions every year, we're turning them into strippers and prostitutes for liberals, for pride month. 


These people are sick. They must be...their thought process, their ideology, their policies, their politics, must be completely eradicated from this country or we're all dead. Forget about it. If modern day liberalism is not completely eradicated from this country you can forget about it folks, it's done, we're done.