Bill Melugin tells Chaffetz his reporting philosophy

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Citation From the December 15, 2021, edition of Jason In The House podcast

BILL MELUGIN: I think a lot of people try to get into TV for the wrong reasons. I think a lot of people just want to be on TV and they kind of like a little bit of the celebrity that's associated with it. And, when you do that -- you almost have to play a part on TV rather than actually trying to be a reporter. Like, the reason I got into all this -- I mean, I could not care less if I'm on camera, off camera. I just want the story to get out there. The entire reason I got into this, and the reason I was an investigative reporter for six years before I started at Fox News is because I like shining light where others don't want it. And like there's this saying, it sounds corny, but I've used it my entire career — is I believe my job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. You give a voice with this job to people who otherwise wouldn't have one. You shine a light in places where otherwise that light wouldn't be seen. What we're doing with the border right now — there's no other national networks down there. The only time they showed up was with the Del Rio bridge situation, with all the Haitians, and the only reason they showed up is because we were down there with the drone. I mean, a chunk of this country wouldn't even know what's going on down there if Fox News wasn't down there covering it for eight months straight, and I take pride in that.