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Citation From the April 1, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight as uploaded to the Tucker Carlson Tonight Facebook Page

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): How would you go about taking full control over an economy built on fossil fuels? Well you'd first have to break the existing economy, because if you gave people a choice over how to power their vehicles, homes, and businesses, not many of them would choose windmills. No, they'd go with what they have, which is oil and gas. So you'd have to take that choice away from them. You couldn't let them choose, and you couldn't do this by democratic means because no legislature would ever vote for a change like that, because they know voters don't want it. So instead, you might use a war underway across the world to declare an energy shortage in your country, and then make fossil fuels unaffordable for the average person. And that way, people would have no choice but to switch over to the new system which not incidentally you and your friends and your donors would control. So that'd be one way, maybe the only way to get a Green New Deal without having to get it through Congress because it never would go through Congress.

Do you think that's what's happening now? You'd hate to think so. You wouldn't want to think that your government would intentionally exacerbate the suffering of millions of Ukrainian civilians in order to take over America's energy grid, but that seems to be exactly what is happening right now. And we know this because the administration essentially told us so.