CCDF-USA's Liberty USA: Who's behind CCDF-USA? It's WE THE PEOPLE

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Citation From the March 4, 2022, edition of CCDF-USA's Liberty USA podcast

STEVE MAXWELL (CCDF-USA CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN): This is about striking the very nerve of the big picture, which is they've got to take control of the narrative in the children, in their children's mind. So it's not even about the books, it's about power. It's about who's in control. And what we have, listen we have multiple things, for you folks in Polk County listening, we're talking to our folks right now. We've got multiple things coming. This is just the beginning. Hang on, it's going to be a fun summer. But, but what you're gonna find, the consistency here is who's in charge — we say the American people are in charge, we say the parents are in charge, we say the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, our founding documents, that's the pattern we're gonna go by. We're gonna push virtue, which is moral character, right? Moral, we wanna set the standard again. And um, we're going to be fought all the way because these people have a lot of power now. I mean, they have a lot of power, so.

HANNAH PETERSEN (CCDF-USA AFFILIATE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OVERSEEING POLK COUNTY): And the book issue has truly just been a strategic move on our part, to open up the cavity.

MAXWELL: Absolutely.

PETERSEN: We've opened up the cavity, because we're gonna start digging deeper, and see what is the root cause here. And that's the same reason why we're getting so much pushback. They don't want us to open the cavity. They don't want us to dig in and see what the root cause is. How about that conversation we had the other day, with the pornographic content in schools, and children having access to it on their cell phones. I mean, that's, that is the root cause here. We've got kids that are being imprinted on at an early age, they're being desensitized and exposed to — 

MAXWELL: Yeah, there's a bigger picture there.

PETERSEN: Yeah, it's bad stuff.