Tucker Carlson clip on Channel One in Russian

Citation Translated from 1tv.ru: Beneficiaries of the war: who in America earns on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Needless to say, both of these [weapon systems] are manufactured by Raytheon Technologies? For five years, Javelins alone brought the company one and a half billion dollars, and Ukraine is a key market for it. The piquancy of the situation is also that Richard Blumenthal, one of the main hawks in the Senate, tried to impersonate a Vietnam veteran. Tucker Carlson, Fox News/USA host: “This guy lied to everyone that he fought himself, and now he talks with enthusiasm about how Ukrainians will fight and die in street fighting. What a nasty guy. These people are flaming the start of a war. Not in order to protect Ukrainian democracy, because there is no democracy in Ukraine and never has been. It is a client country of the Biden administration. We simply send them weapons and create all the conditions for them to be able to use them.”