Russian language Baltnews article quoting Tucker Carlson

Citation Translated from Why the U.S. is spreading dangerous lies about a "Russian Invasion" of Ukraine. It will be interesting to see how the U.S. propaganda machine reacts to the "disturbing" prospect of peace when so much has been done to achieve the exact opposite. In other words, Biden, whose popularity is at its lowest point during his presidency, is in desperate need of a victory lap in front of the national public - and preferably without the chant of "Let's Go Brandon," if that is possible. "And what better way to achieve such fame than to say that he stopped the "Russian invasion" even though it only existed in his imagination? In the US, the media is almost entirely in the hands of the 'left,' so the news of Biden's 'triumph' will be widely circulated for mass consumption, and only [Republican Fox News broadcaster] Tucker Carlson and a couple of dissenters will laugh at the dazzling 'achievement' aging commander in chief."