RT a Russian outlet quoting Trump's praise of Putin

Citation Translated from RT in Russian's Telegram channel: Trump called Putin's decision to recognize the DPR and LPR "genius" and called the Russian leader a "tough nut." “Yesterday, when I saw this on TV, I said: 'This is genius! Putin declares that a large portion of Ukraine…independent. Oh, that's great. Putin says that a large portion of Ukraine is now independent, and I said: 'How smart is that, he will go there and be a peacemaker. This is the most powerful peacekeeping force. They are going to keep the peace,” said the ex-President of the United States during a radio broadcast. The former American leader added that this would never have happened under him: “If I were sitting, it would be completely unthinkable. Do you know what Biden replied? There was no answer, they had nothing to say on this matter."