Russian-language article on Radio Sputnik article about Josh Howley

Citation Translated from ...   Supporters of American President Joe Biden in spirit and political views, including journalists, have chosen a new victim and from the opposing "clan" of Donald Trump, namely Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.  ... According to Hawley, it is not worth it, therefore, one of the points of Russian proposals for security guarantees - Ukraine's non-entry into the North Atlantic bloc - is quite feasible and even beneficial to the United States itself. ... Of course, the media have every right to criticize politicians, but a publication about a "favorite pet" looks more like a "scandal" of senator Hawley for his activities in general, and the Ukrainian issue simply turned out to be a convenient reason to arrange this scathing. Kiev, NATO, Vladimir Putin - it's not really about them, but about the fact that the confrontation between Democrats and Republicans in the United States has not only not subsided, but is now flaring up with renewed vigor. And in the comments, users add fuel to the fire, calling Hawley a traitor, a Russian agent, a "Trump idiot", "a henchman of a former communist from the KGB" and even suggesting that he be imprisoned or at least recalled from the senate.