Tom Cotton quoted by Russian language article on Vesti at 22

Citation Translated from Not even half measures. Why the States are afraid to impose serious sanctions against the Russian Federation. The sanctions that the United States have imposed against the Russian Federation are not even called half, but a quarter of measures. Analysts believe that the sanctions boomerang could hit the United States very painfully. ... Also on the list of punitive measures of the Russian sovereign debt operation are personal sanctions against certain Russian officials. “I wouldn’t even call it a half measure. It’s like a quarter of a measure. Sanctions on a couple of banks and several oligarchs. In the first 24 hours, the administration could not decide how to consider Russia’s actions - whether this was an invasion or not. The president did not go to the press conference for 80 minutes, which does not inspire much confidence, but inspires determination in the people who are watching this from Moscow," said senator Tom Cotton.