Tulsi Gabbard clip on Channel One in Russian

Citation Translated from 1tv.ru Beneficiaries of the war: who in America earns on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic nominee for U.S. President: “President Biden can prevent this crisis simply by guaranteeing that Ukraine does not become a member of NATO. Because if Ukraine joins NATO, U.S. and NATO troops will be on Russia's doorstep, which Putin claims threatens its national security interests. In reality, the likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO is extremely, extremely small. So why shouldn't Biden and NATO leaders simply guarantee its non-entry? And since Biden and his allies won't do it, I'm coming to the conclusion that what they really want is for Russia to attack Ukraine. What for? First, it will give the Biden administration an excuse to impose the heaviest sanctions on Russia and Russians. Second, it brings us back to the Cold War. Our military-industrial complex, which is in complete control of the Biden administration, will benefit greatly from this.”