Tsargrad article in Russian about Tulsi Gabbard

Citation Translated from tsargrad.tv: AN AMERICAN VETERAN BECAME THE HEROINE OF SOLOVYOV'S PROGRAM: "MR. BIDEN ..." In an interesting way, the American veteran of the Iraqi war, Tulsi Gabbard, became the heroine of Vladimir Solovyov's program. Through third parties, she addressed the US President: "Mr. Biden ..." American veteran of the Iraq War , member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 2nd congressional district of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard criticized the policies of U.S. President Joe Biden and became ... the heroine of the TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov's program on the Russia-1 channel. RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan quoted Gabbard's words, noting: "I want to retell briefly what she said. Because it feels like she was standing here in the studio and saying all this in my place, for example, and I subscribe to every word."  Tulsi Gabbard, as narrated by Margarita Simonyan, says the following: "Mr. Biden, why don't you tell the Russians that Ukraine will never be in NATO? After all, they are asking for it. In addition, with a high degree of probability, it really will not be there for various reasons. After all, you understand that these are their legitimate interests. But you don't. You tell us that you are defending democracy there. Mr. Biden, what kind of democracy is this, where they close their own TV channels one by one, imprison their political opponents, because they cannot retain power in any other way? Maybe you're looking in the wrong place?" Tulsi Gabbard herself answers all her questions. She believes that Biden will not tell the truth, since the military-industrial complex, which, among other things, owns the media that fan this war, is interested in the war in Ukraine (as in any other war).