Tsargrad.tv article in Russian about Pompeo

Citation Translated from tsargrad.tv: "GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO PUTIN": POMPEO NAMED THE REAL CULPRIT OF THE UKRAINIAN CRISIS. Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused U.S. President Joe Biden of the Ukraine crisis. Pompeo believes it was Biden's response that gave Russian President Vladimir Putin the "green light" on Ukraine. Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that U.S. President Joe Biden is responsible for the escalation of the situation in Ukraine. Pompeo noted that it was Biden who, through his actions, gave a signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The former secretary of state noted that Biden should have started imposing sanctions against Russia even earlier and increased pressure on our country. And NATO should have paid more attention to containing Russia. However, Biden introduced only some restrictive sanctions that had no effect on the Russian authorities.  In fact, Biden's actions gave Putin a "green light" for further actions in Ukraine. Pompeo expressed his opinion in a conversation with Fox News. “Biden could have stopped the construction of Nord Stream 2 months earlier, could have imposed real sanctions ... I think Vladimir Putin, watching the sanctions imposed on those two parts of Ukraine, took this as a green light,” Pompeo said.  Now NATO will have to strengthen its presence in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.