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Citation From the December 7, 2021, edition of CNN Tonight

MICHAEL SMERCONISH (HOST): Can we be fair and inclusionary at the same time? 

VERONICA IVY (GUEST): Oh, yeah. I think that the idea that fairness and inclusion are somehow in tension with each other is a fundamental misunderstanding. Fairness demands inclusion, so we have to start from a place of inclusion, and when I think about these sorts of headlines about, like, dominating, those sorts of headlines have been used against me, for example, even though I lose most of my races, and the fact is that we don't use those headlines for male athletes. So if we want to talk about swimming, for example, I'll talk about a swimmer who has 28 olympic gold medals or, sorry, 23 olympic gold medals, 8 gold medals in a single games, 39 world records, 20 Guinness world records, and for 4 olympics in a row, he was the most decorated athlete in the games period, and of course that's Michael Phelps. So, Phelps truly actually dominated at the highest level, and we celebrate people like Phelps, but we…

SMERCONISH: But do you not concede any advantage held by Lia Thomas? I mean the margin of those victories are pretty astounding, right?

IVY: No, they were very long races where those sorts of margin happen, and let’s remember, she broke her own school’s record. She didn’t set records for the NCAA. She set an Ivy League record, which is itself a subset of US Colleges. So she didn’t set an NCAA record, so why are we so afraid of a trans athlete doing well?

SMERCONISH: Why do these controversies seem to stem from competition involving transgender women but not transgender men? Is there anything to be read into that?

IVY: Yeah, its real simple sexism. So it is basically that people do not view…

SMERCONISH: Well no, but I’m asking the question of where in reverse are the transgender athletes who are breaking records and winning races?

IVY: Oh, you mean where are the trans men? 


IVY: So the most commercially successful trans athlete in the world is a man, it's Chris Mosier.