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Citation From the February 12, 2022, edition of CNN's Smerconish

MICHAEL SMERCONISH (HOST): Quick final answer — if Lia Thomas sets records this week at the Ivy League championships do you think they should stand? Do you think they will stand?

NANCY HOGSHEAD-MAKAR (GUEST): Yeah, two different questions; one is should and will they. So the East Germans that I competed against who were doped to the gills, their records stood. Even after the wall came down and the Stasi records were opened and we could see for a fact that they were doping as much as humanly possible. A lot of them actually transitioned because they’d been on male hormones for so long. So we know in the past they have not changed those records. Whether or not we could get those records changed, but whose records are at stake here are the great Missy Franklin and the great Katie Ledecky, their college records, and I think that they should deserve to stand. Those are amazing athletes that, it really should be a biological woman’s record.

SMERCONISH: Nancy, thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. 

HOGSHEAD-MAKAR: Thank you very much for having me, Michael. 

SMERCONISH: I’ve said before, I’m for fairness and inclusion. I don’t know if that’s possible in this case. If there’s a solution I’m just not seeing it, that’s fair to all and allows all to be inclusive.