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Citation From the April 27, 2021, anti-mask rally in Polk County, Florida

STEVE MAXWELL (CCDF-USA CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN): Now, you've got someone who will defend you. You give us a call. You get in contact with the CCDF and we are going to stand for you and your rights. We’ve aligned ourselves with two powerful platforms. One is Alliance Defending Freedom. The second is Turning Point USA. Do we have our Turning Point folks here today? 

Yes, awesome. With Turning Point, we have an army of interns who will do the consuming work required that we don’t have time to do. These amazing young people are unbelievable to watch them work. They are going to shed light on our county leaders and once we find policies and decisions that do not measure up with our founding documents, we take those issues to our board, who will determine the course of action. We will expose the enemies of freedom with a powerful media presence, with over 500 media outlets that we have access to, and we will also expose them to our local media. 

And if that doesn’t work, if public pressure does not work, we have Alliance Defending Freedom, which is a group of almost 4,000 Christian attorneys in our nation, who just won their 61st case at the Supreme Court. When these guys — hey, when Alliance Defending Freedom shows up, they bring the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. They are in it to win it. We are going to connect you to those people, those great people, and if we have to go to the mat, we’re going to the mat all the way to the courthouse.