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Citation From the January 10, 2022, edition of America's Newsroom

MARC SIEGEL (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): In terms of this [race] issue, it’s disturbing because we make decisions as physicians, based not on race but on risk. Risk not race. And what do I mean by that? If somebody is obese, they’re at higher risk of COVID complications; diabetes, higher risk of COVID complications; over 65, higher risk. We’re also very aware of the fact that the Black population has a lot of distrust built into the medical establishment and they tend to be more on the front line, by the way. There’s more front-line workers that are in minority groups – that we factor in. All of that is factored in by deciding who needs what drug – not by race, because you could very well be one race and not be at high risk. All of that has to go into it. Deeply disturbing to see this in New York state, in Utah, and now the FDA coming out. Literally, Bill, if I try to order this drug, Paxlovid, it will ask, “What is the race of the person I'm ordering it for?”