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Citation From the January 11, 2022, evening edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEPHEN BANNON (HOST): Miss Sanborn just perjured herself there. It is zero possibility she says. “Do you know Ray Epps is?” “Yeah I know who he is.” Is he a federal – you're telling me a senior member of the Department of Justice knows who a guy is – she admitted, yeah, I know who he is – and doesn't know if he's a federal agent or not, can't answer that. What do you mean? I don't know. Right there, that's perjury. That's perjury, so here's – we're at an inflection point today.


And by the way, Sanborn lied. She admitted she knew who Ray Epps was. And then she said they don't know if she's he's a federal agent or not. You either know he is or he is not. Not – nothing in between. Want to bring in now, Darren Beattie, who's the one who's been driving this story. Darren, you saw this today. Give us your assessment.

DARREN BEATTIE (GUEST): Well, it's pretty amazing all around. It's incredible to see Ray Epps who goes from just some obscure person known only to the handful of researchers who are actually interested in getting to the bottom of One Six, elevating this individual to the household name, which frankly, he should be given his significance on January 6. And so I have to give credit to Ted Cruz. I think this is a testament to the fact that constructive bullying does work. And, you know, I commend Ted Cruz for doing the right thing and drawing attention to this issue, especially in light of his previous statements. I think that's a massive improvement. Tom Cotton did a great job. Clearly, there's still a lot to be done. The committee is claiming that Ray Epps talked to them and said that he wasn't an informant. I'm very – I'm skeptical of this, of this charade here, and I think there's much more to get to the bottom of.

BANNON: But here's the interesting thing. They got to run to NBC News and work it through. It's got to be processed through NBC and MSNBC. MSNBC, these Democrats work directly with them to leak information so that they're going to try to now smooth over Ray Epps and smooth. Listen, if Ray Epps is not a federal agent, why is he not rolled up by instigating this? He's an instigator. He's instigating, he was instigating innocent Americans.

BEATTIE: Well it makes no sense.

BANNON: He's the insti – he is one of the instigators of this, whether he's on the federal government payroll or not. We got to find out whose payroll he's on because he's got to prove he's not a federal agent. Go ahead, Darren.

BEATTIE: There are all kinds of technicalities. Maybe he was an employee of the FBI. Maybe he was an employee of some other agency. I think the relevant question for them to answer is not whether Ray Epps says he's working for any particular agency, the relevant question is that the federal government, the Department of Justice, needs to answer why they're peculiarly uninterested in Ray Epps, who's the only person in the mountains of video footage caught stating in advance submission to go into the Capitol and why all of his evident apparent accomplices who were cutting down the fencing, doing all the stuff that you know, laid out in tremendous detail in the Revolver Dot news report. Why is the government uninterested in them? Why is the government uninterested in Stewart Rhodes? Those are the questions that they need to provide plausible answers for it. And so far, they're very, very far from doing that. So I think they've just like they think that they're doing themselves favors by saying, Oh, Ray Epps says he's not a fed, they're just creating more questions and damning themselves even more.