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Citation From the January 11, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends

AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): Swimming parents are pushing the NCAA to review its policy on transgender athletes and their fight for fairness in women's sports. This comes as controversial UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas, a trans athlete on the female swim team, makes headlines again after being defeated by another Ivy League athlete who is transitioning from female to male. Our next guest is a former U.S.A. Swimming official who resigned last month in protest of Thomas' record breaking wins. Cynthia Millen joins us now. Good morning to you, Cynthia.


EARHARDT: Good morning. You resigned after 30 years. Why? 

MILLEN: Because it is unfair for bodies that are male to be swimming against bodies that are female. And bodies swim against bodies. And we know that no amount of testosterone suppression drugs will change the anatomy of a male to a female. Sadly, the NCAA's strategy is based upon that in a 10-year-old rule. The NCAA needs to get out of this entire transition business. Ainsley, we’re talking about teenagers. You enter the NCAA clearinghouse when you’re a junior in high school. And on the NCAA website, you see that you’re allowed to transition and swim as a member of the opposite sex. This is not only untrue, you never truly become a male or a female, But also statistics have shown that if a teenager with gender dysphoria is allowed to work through it with proper therapy, they end up not wanting to transition when they’re adults. But the more serious thing is this: Transitioning involves mutilation of the body. The Yale swimmer had her breasts removed as a teenager. This involves permanent infertility. This involves such mutilation of the body, for what? Transitioning as a teenager? The NCAA should take a leadership role and say no, it's not healthy for teenagers to be even thinking about doing this. Wait until you are an adult.