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Citation From the January 4 2021, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): Final thought on anything the president is saying privately this morning, inside of his circle, about that leaked phone call.

ALYSSA FARAH: Listen, I think he anticipated it would be leaked. You kind of have to expect that going into them. He's said much of what he said in that call publicly before. But listen, what he's saying he wants to do is get to the bottom of irregularities, and it's not just in Georgia, it's in other states. But, honestly, his focus today is on re-electing these two great senators.

SMITH: When you say "anticipated" that it would be leaked, what do you mean?

FARAH: Anytime we would go into meetings of that sort, we kind of assume that any sort of outgoing call that's not secure could potentially leak to press.

SMITH: So, he said that knowing that very well could be made public?

FARAH: That would be my assumption. I have not spoken to him on the matter in my new capacity. But, I think that usually that's what is anticipated.