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Citation From the October 25, 2021, edition of The Sean Hannity Show

LARA TRUMP (CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, well this one is personal for me, Sean, because for as long as I can remember I've been an animal rescue advocate, an animal welfare advocate by and large, and I also have a beagle named Charlie. What a horrific thing to see happen to any living creature, and as though we needed any more reasons to dislike Dr. Fauci, as though we needed another reason that he probably shouldn't have his job. I mean, this guy has flip-flopped on everything COVID from the very beginning.

Remember, at the very beginning of COVID he told us no masks were required and then he went to two masks, three masks, mask mandates, vaccine mandate. There's a lot of question as to whether or not taxpayer funding went to gain-of-function research, as you were just referencing at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where likely the COVID pandemic originated. 

He has tried to cancel football games, has told us we can't have parties, has tried to cancel holidays. Now he's telling us he doesn't even know if we can have Christmas again this year. And then you look at this experimentation on the beagles, and they use beagles, by the way, because of their temperament, because they don't generally fight back as much as other dogs whenever they are put through this torturous process.

These dogs were first debarked, which means they cut their vocal cords so that they couldn't cry out in pain when they were being tortured to death, and then, as you just described, horrifically put in a box with sand flies to eat them alive. Now, I don't know anywhere else other than Washington, D.C., full of a bunch of swampy people, where you cannot perform well in your job and keep your job as Dr. Fauci has for so long, but if there was any reason we need to get rid of the guy, it has Republicans, Democrats, and everybody in between outraged, rightly so. This is despicable. Dr. Fauci has got to go.