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Citation From the October 25, 2021, edition of The Five

WATTERS (CO-HOST): Well he might not be fired but he might retire, because of the dog thing. So, Emma comes in to breakfast and she said “did you see Fauci kill dogs?" and I had to look around and yes, he gave grants to Tunisia to do these deadly experiments on dogs.

They would rip their vocal cords out so you couldn't hear them screaming as they were infected with these insects and they killed them.

And a lot of people may say, “Oh, gain-of-function, gain-of-function, the bats, and the bats" but it's the dogs the Americans will be most upset about and that might push Fauci overboard. 

Here is why we hate the media, Greg. Rand Paul gets up and accuses Fauci of doing the gain-of-function in Wuhan and Fauci denies it and the media just takes Fauci's words for it instead of looking at what Fauci said, looking at what Rand said, and then looking at the evidence to try to find out the truth. 

The media doesn't want to know the truth, and that's why we hate them. Now here's why we hate Fauci. Fauci got caught cold and then he goes on Stephanopoulos' show and says he doesn't like the implication that that specific grant led to that specific virus that was COVID-19 that killed 700,000 Americans. That's not what we were saying. 

We were saying you funded gain-of-function sloppy, risky research at this nasty lab, a lab which leaked and killed almost 1 million Americans, and that is true.