Mark Levin: "We have power to fight back" against the "tyranny" of vaccine mandates, and "If we're going to go down, we need to go down kicking"

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Citation From the September 30, 2021, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): You can see the incremental nature of tyranny here. It's happening to nurses and police, and others. When it comes to mandates, you can see the incremental tyranny.

People are being fired, almost 80 percent of the people in this country who can be vaccinated have been vaccinated. The other 20 percent, we do not know what percentage of them have natural immunity and the government either knows or won't tell us. And it's quite remarkable. It's quite sickening, actually.

Here's a piece, The Daily Wire, Biden threatening to terminate major portion of Border Patrol agents if they're not vaccinated. Now, who in the world would do this? It's been derelict already in securing the border. So just think about it, just step back. So, people are coming into this country by the hundreds of thousands, it'll soon be the millions who are not vaccinated and have other ailments. Like I said, tuberculosis, measles, other things. Diseases we have we have defeated, but are now reappearing.

And yet, when it comes to nurses and doctors and medical assistants, when it comes to police officers and so forth down the line, teachers, if they're not vaccinated, they need to be fired. Private corporations, they need to be fired. Quite strange, don't you think? And so, now the Border Patrol?

Look, folks, we have power here. We have power here, we have power to organize, we have power to fight back. This is what we have to do. If we're going to go down, we need to go down kicking. I'm not saying we will, but they're winning and we're losing.

But here's what they don't know -- right here, you and I have built this massive army of patriots. Massive army of patriots. You, the Paul Reveres, you're more informed than anybody else.

You're more committed than anybody else. You're galvanized, you're rallying, and you are prepared to push back.