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Citation From the October 2, 2021, edition of Fox News' Watters' World

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): In Arizona, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by 11,000 votes. An audit in Maricopa County, done by an outside firm, found 57,000 questionable ballots -- just in that one county. The media wasn't interested in this. And the audit wasn't as thorough as it could have been, because Arizona officials wouldn't fully cooperate, and some evidence was removed and destroyed.

So, there's a dangerous pattern in the United States. Politicians, prosecutors, and the press are abusing their power to wage political warfare against innocent people. And even when the abuse is exposed, the press runs cover for the conspiracy.

We're picking it apart, but we need more honest Americans on the inside. Run for office, be a reporter. I'd tell you to be a lawyer, but this country does not need any more lawyers, just the right ones in the right places. So, get it right -- or be a judge.

We can't win the battle from the outside. You know what you need to do.