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Citation From the September 20, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime 

PETE HEGSETH (HOST): Miranda, if you wanted it – if you wanted to address this and fix this, you could. In fact, you appointed a border czar who was going to get the root causes. It was always a sham to begin with. They clearly don't want to. Why don't they?

MIRANDA DEVINE (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): It certainly seems like that it seems like a deliberate policy, it was, of course, the first thing that Joe Biden did when he came into the presidency was to unwind all those very successful Trump-era border protection measures. And that was a suite of measures painstakingly put together. It's not easy. This has happened elsewhere in the world. It's not as if we don't know what the consequences are of signaling to the world, because it's not just to Central America, it's to Africa, it's to everywhere in the world that where there are having troubles, Afghanistan, there are people from so many different countries coming over the border. Two hundred thousand-plus a month. And it's just exponentially getting worse. This has been the experience everywhere in the world. The Biden administration cannot pretend that we're naive. So the only conclusion you can come to is that this is deliberate. And what they are doing is allow ushering basically these people into the country, allowing them to act, busing them to and flying them into unsuspecting communities all over the country, giving them notices to appear, which, you know, are not worth the paper that they're written on. So basically, the Haitian problem under the bridge at Del Rio only became a problem because the media was looking at it. And when Bill Melugin had his drone, the Fox News drone, beaming those photos out to the world, then it became a story. And first of all, of course, in usual Biden administration fashion, they tried to censor the news. They got the FAA to tell that drone that it couldn't fly. And by it was too late by then because you had CNN and The New York Times and the story's out. So now they're pretending that they're flying everyone back to Haiti. They're not I would say probably 80 to 90 percent. You can see that from the numbers yesterday. 327 were flown back to Haiti out of 3,300 that they plucked out of the 15,000-strong crowd. The rest of them on busses, dispersed into the rest of America.

HEGSETH: And we'll never see and we'll never know, just like the undercover way they've used the military and other civilian flights chartered to fly to airports around America. No one ever knows about it. No one ever hears about it. Charlie, real quick, what? From COVID to crime to the border to inflation, to all the crises facing this administration, what are they actually focused on? What do they actually care about when you get underneath it all?

CHARLIE KIRK (GUEST): They're trying to fulfill Barack Obama's promise that he said a couple of days before Election Day back in 2008, which was a fundamental transformation of America, and they're trying to do that through breaking us economically, keeping our borders open, destroying our sovereignty, implementing critical race theory in the military, in our schools at every front. This is a domestic implementation agenda to try to have their worldview implemented. Regardless what the polls say, no matter what checks and balances might say or what the Constitution says, they are trying to force a square peg through a round hole to try to change America forever. That is what undergirds all of this radical policy from this regime.