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Citation From the January 6, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Stinchfield

MO BROOKS (ALABAMA CONGRESSMAN): There was some intelligence received prior to today that Antifa was going to try to impersonate Trump supporters and attack the capitol. Now whether these people who did the actual violence were Antifa or Antifa plus Trump supporters, or only Trump supporters, or anarchists or somebody else, we really need to wait until an investigation has been conducted and not just jump to conclusions when the evidence is incomplete. 

GRANT STINCHFIELD (NEWSMAX HOST): And Congressman I do believe it is so important to wait for the facts to come in. Now I'll say, Newsmax has no evidence that Antifa was there and so but I do believe the police need to do their work and go and find these perpetrators, interrogate them and find their motivation. Either way, I do know there were certainly some Trump supporters in there. It's bad news and it took away from the message, because you had an important message to unleash, really, on the American people today and you didn't get to do that, Congressman Brooks. 

BROOKS: Well it did interfere. But I will add, I have seen evidence that it was fascist Antifa involved and of course you've got people who were dressed up as Trump supporters, waving Trump flags, and so I think by inference it’s reasonable to conclude that Trump supporters were also involved, but I would not exclude Antifa at this point both because of the prior warning and then the evidence I have seen from the capitol itself.