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Citation From the March 22, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

INGRAHAM: We on this show had and highlighted many doctors who were treating COVID-19 patients, and they had seen this early on. And I think we have a flashback clip that we're going to play. Watch.


INGRAHAM: Again, this was not new information. I'm glad the University of Chicago and some other studies have come out since. But this wasn't new. They started seeing this in the analysis of the blood of COVID patients a year ago, Dr. Risch, a year.

HARVEY RISCH (YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEATH): Yes, it's true, and it's — and vitamin D is part of the recipe for early treatment, just to make sure that people are not depleted in their vitamin D, especially during the winter months, when everybody is depleted of vitamin D and everybody should be taking on Vitamin D as just a matter of, its winter, we take vitamin D.

INGRAHAM: And Dr. Risch, do you apply the same analysis to other early intervention drugs such as Ivermectin?

RISCH: Well, the same motivation for government agencies like the FDA and NIH committees to block uses of those medications — hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin — are demeaned and discarded by those committees because they're a threat to higher priced medications and vaccines that have been the goal all along. And that's why there's been no research in generic medications for a whole year.

INGRAHAM: And constant testing, testing, testing. Dr. Risch, thank you so much.