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Citation From the February 12, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Is the drop in cases due to the vaccine rollout or something else?

ALEX BERENSON (AUTHOR): No, it's absolutely not due to the vaccine rollout. The drop in cases began about a month ago. And, you know, it's sort of accelerated in the last couple of weeks. It looks like seasonality may play some role in that. It's possible we're getting close in some places to herd immunity, although I hate to even say that out loud, because the virus has made fools of people who've said that before. The — I will tell you, the vaccine had nothing to do with this.

The proof of that is in Israel and the UAE, which are two very different countries, but they vaccinated more people than anywhere else in the world per capita, especially Israel, which is using the Pfizer vaccine, which is one of the two vaccines we use here, and mRNA vaccine. And Israel has had — it's actually an outlier in the wrong direction in the last six weeks.

And one reason I'm hitting this vaccine issue so hard is, it's clear from the data out of Israel that vaccines are not going to get us to zero deaths or hospitalizations. We are going to have to live with some, you know — some flu-like —

INGRAHAM: Level of the virus.

BERENSON: Yes. And so, if the goal is to eliminate this respiratory virus, which is something we've never succeeded in doing in history, I don't know — we're going to make ourselves crazy. We're going to destroy our society. And we’re going to — and people like you and me are going to be stuck on the outside, you know, viewed as these heretics because we have the gall to say, hey, we're going to have to live with this.

INGRAHAM: We have the science. We only have hundreds and hundreds of years, thousands of years, probably, of viral science on our side — and ivermectin, NAC, hydroxychloroquine, and emerging antivirals and therapeutics that provide enormous benefit.