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Citation From the August 14, 2021, edition of Fox News' Watters World

REP DEVIN NUNES (GUEST): If you talk to doctors, if you talk to people that are actually treating people with COVID, what every leader should be saying is, hey, if you get sick, if you get anything, don't wait, get it treated. There's really good therapeutics, even if you may not have COVID.


NUNES: There is nothing wrong with going to a doctor and getting on some steroids, getting on some antibiotics. And of course, we know if you get on it early, you're highly likely to survive this.

KILMEADE: Congressman, the new push for the administration when it comes to therapeutics. Really? Regeneron. We saw what it did with the president of United States. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine. They talk about the antibodies for people that had it already. Now, we're rediscovering how to treat an illness because treating an illness doesn't get your mask on, doesn't get your kids out of school, and it doesn't get your business closed. They don't want to talk about recovering.

NUNES: Well look, and I think because they weren't pushing therapeutics all along, and they've made such a big deal of the vaccine, I think people -- a lot of people, at least my constituents are saying, why are they pushing this so hard? What's the deal about control over me? Why are they forcing us to do this, especially if you already had COVID?