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Citation From the July 26, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Dr. Risch, it seems to be that the medical and administration officials, they're doing more to increase vaccine hesitancy than anyone out there, because of these heavy-handed tactics, the blame game, the vilification, the demonization. Your thoughts?

HARVEY RISCH: Well, I think you're right. Good to be with you, Laura. I think that really the problem is, they have no imagination, and they don't really think about what's going on and how to solve it. They're working on a premise that if they didn't do enough in the first place, they'll just do the same but more so now, and that's a failed idea.

And really, we have the tools to fix it and we just need to use them.

And as I've said many times on your program, for the breakthrough cases for people who get COVID, treat them as outpatients with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, other treatments that work very well, and that solves the problem. As to Delta that's coming, Delta is going away in the U.K., so this is a bump that we're facing now, and is very likely to be gone in another three or four weeks in the U.S., or going down in three or four weeks. So, we are really in what I would call a fairly optimistic point, if we would just use our brains and solve it the way we know how to do.

INGRAHAM: And yet, you talk to folks who try to get their doctors to prescribe some of these antivirals that do have some efficacy, no, there's no doubt about it. Stephen Smith's work, I know, you've looked at over. I mean, there's no doubt that it helps. That -- but to get a doctor to be able to prescribe that, in a lot of states you can't do it, still, after all this time.

RISCH: Well, there are now many doctors across the country who are willing to do it, who become aware that the evidence wasn't what they were propagandized to believe. There's also a number of telemedicine groups that have been doing it quite actively. They have treated now more than 130,000 patients as the last count that I did with them. So there are plenty of places where people can get treated if they need to.