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Citation From the June 14, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Two weeks ago, on our on our show, Dr. Stephen Smith detailed the incredible findings of his latest study on hydroxychloroquine, made worldwide headlines. The most stunning of which was that hydroxy[choloroquine] improves survival rates of severely ill COVID patients by 200 percent. Now, Dr. Smith is one of the most renowned and well-respected infectious disease experts in the country. So, you'd think that his research would at least convince the Big Tech censors to back off

No, not YouTube. They still consider any positive takes on hydroxychloroquine to be, quote, "medical misinformation." In fact, just days ago, the social media platform took down a video of Senator Ron Johnson agreeing with Dr. Smith. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is not censored on this show. He joins us now. Senator, YouTube told The Ingraham Angle that the misinformation you posted could cause "real world harm." That's what they told us. This is obscene, Senator.

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): It is. You know, Laura, all I've been trying to do literally for over a year now is just talk about early treatment. We had Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch, and George Fareed testified before my committee in November. And Dr. McCullough laid out the four pillars of pandemic response. First, limit the spread. Second, early treatment. Third, hospital treatment. Fourth, vaccines.

We've by and large ignored early treatment. I'm not exactly sure why, but the fact of the matter is, because we have ignored early treatment, I don't know how many thousands of lives, tens of thousands of lives were lost that didn't need to be lost. But it's a tragedy. It's a real blunder on the part of our health agencies.

INGRAHAM: But Senator, but at the time, Fauci and friends were pushing drugs like Remdesivir, which - the study of which was so unconvincing, they had to change the ultimate outcome mid study, which is a no-no in science. That was extremely expensive, highly touted. huge profit margin, obviously, for Big Pharma, along with the vaccines. So, is there a vested interest in not giving early treatment because of other interests that are very powerful in Washington?

JOHNSON: That's real possibility. Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, those treatments probably cost less than $50 per patient. Remdesivir is over $3000, and there's real problems with the side effects,  liver toxicity. So, that may be one of the reasons. Another reason might be the fact that if you have effective treatments, it's very difficult, if not impossible to get an emergency use authorization on an experimental vaccine. That could also be driving this.

Again, I have no idea. I've just been beating my head against the wall for over a year. I've been labeled together with Dr. McCullough and Harvey Risch as the snake oil salesman of the Senate, censored twice now, Dr. Pierre Kory, his YouTube video from his testimony from my hearing, 8 million views. People do not like the NIH guideline to basically do nothing, go home afraid, isolate yourself. If you get sick enough, go to the hospital.

People actually looking for early treatment, YouTube censored that after 8 million views, and now they censored some pretty innocuous statements where again, I'm just asking people get information. Talk to a doctor that's willing to - consider early treatment. It might save your life.

INGRAHAM: Yes, well, this is so beyond obvious at this point. it's sickening.