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Citation From the June 29, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): An awful lot of people are being censored right now by the Big Tech monopolies, but occasionally, you see someone censored and you think, this really isn't a free country anymore and that's our reaction to what happened to Bret Weinstein. He is an evolutionary biologist who in a former life was a Professor at Evergreen College who came on here at the time, maybe four years ago. Now, he hosts a very popular podcast called "The Darkhorse Podcast." On June 5th, Weinstein discussed the benefits of a drug called ivermectin, which can and is around the world used to treat and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It's not some crackpot fish tank cleaner. It's a real drug, and physicians prescribe it. Well this afternoon, YouTube confirmed to this show that it has blocked Brett Weinstein's channel from generating any ad revenue, which is how he makes a living in part since he left Evergreen. YouTube said quote, "We have demonetized Bret Weinstein's channel and affiliated channels and suspended them from the YouTube Partner Program." YouTube added that they will not allow any channel to discuss quote, "Claims that ivermectin is effective in treatment or prevention of COVID."

Bret Weinstein joins us tonight. Bret, thanks so much for coming on, so tell us -- I mean, I think those are the bare bones of the story. Tell us what you think this means and why Google would be opposed to talking about ivermectin? It's confusing in some ways.